Making It in Brooklyn: Webmaker Mentor Team Make Week

This week the Webmaker Mentor team is meeting in Brooklyn, NYC to plot together.

Too often at team meetings there’s a lot of yakking and not much hacking. So we decided to run the week like scrum and focus all our tasks as clear “makes”, i.e. concrete things we can produce and ship.

Here’s our task board. Ooo! So many post-its.
IMAG2750 DSC00112

Big things lie ahead, so our mind meld this week is an effort to finalize plans and sort out details for how we’ll continue building the Mentor community. We’re offering training, developing new content, designing badges, and formalizing ways to make it easy for people to connect and to showcase the successes and inspiring stories that result.

Of course, conversations stray into other, more colorful topics. Like which Dungeons and Dragons characters we like to play (OH: “When I’m feeling sexy, I like to be an elf. When I’m realistic, I play a dwarf.”) Or an existential debate after seeing this near-endless scroll of all the people in the world.

We’ve also made great progress on planning our #teachtheweb MOOC. This online course kicks off May 2 and runs for 9 weeks. We’re hacking on the lesson plans, communications infrastructure and ways to make it easy and fun for people to participate and get ready for the big Maker Party 2013 campaign.

Two of us were also in Toronto helping Hive Toronto “make” the parameters of their project RFP and best ways forward about funding and building Hive projects in this emergent new Hive.

Today we are diving deeper into different ways to surface Webmaker and Hive projects as key engagement ramps for the Maker Party 2013 Campaign. Stay tuned on how this all shapes up, and if you’d like to get involved in these efforts, sign up at

What we made so far:

  • A diagram of how to participate in the #teachtheweb MOOC (see below)
  • Updated the #teachtheweb MOOC site
  • Tightened messaging around the Maker Party 2013

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 12.15.01 PM

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