Teach the Web: MOOC, Party, and Beyond

Lots of great things brewing at the moment. I’d like to take a moment to tie them together and share the latest thinking from the [Webmaker Mentor team and community.](https://webmaker.org/en-US/teach/)

An overview:

* Growing a **[leadership circle of Webmaker Super Mentors](https://sendto.mozilla.org/page/s/be-a-mozilla-super-mentor)**
* Running an **[online training for new Webmaker Mentors](http://hivenyc.org/teachtheweb/)**
* Helping mentors teach the web at a **[global distributed Maker Party](https://sendto.mozilla.org/page/signup/join-the-maker-party-2013)**
* Celebrating the community and planning for next year at the **[Mozilla Festival 2013](http://mozillafestival.org/)**

# Leadership: Webmaker Super Mentors

There’s a fantastic group of people emerging as leaders of the Webmaker community. They are educators, techies, makers and other people passionate about teaching the web — **and teaching others how to teach the web.**

These “Super Mentors” have experience in:

* **advocating for web literacy**
* **designing curriculum**
* **running participatory events**

And they teach all sorts of learners: students, friends + family, colleagues, strangers in a coffee shop — whomever!

Right now, we’re convening these Webmaker Super Mentors to **design, moderate and lead an online training course** for new Webmaker Mentors.

**If you have experience like above and an interest in helping others become mentors, [let us know!](https://sendto.mozilla.org/page/s/be-a-mozilla-super-mentor)**

# Training: Opportunity for new Webmaker Mentors

We care about teaching the world the web. To further that cause, we’re **convening an online training for learners to become Webmaker Mentors.**

Participants will learn to hack teaching materials, plan events, and support one another. The course is **aimed at people who want to teach the web but would like some guidance and community support to get started.**

Under the banner [“Teach the Web”](http://hivenyc.org/teachtheweb/), the course will be run online as **an open, collaborative learning format.** It takes its inspiration from “MOOCs”, massive open online courses. Check out Laura Hilliger’s [great post on how that will work](http://www.zythepsary.com/techie/teach-the-web-mooc/).

The course will run from **May 2 – June 30,** with the goal of **500+ learners teamed up with 50+ Super Mentors.** The curriculum will be drafted by the Webmaker Super Mentors, integrating their insights and experiences teaching the web.

**If you’re interested in participating in the Teach the Web MOOC, [sign up here](http://hivenyc.org/teachtheweb/).**

# Party: Fun events around the globe for Webmakers

Following the training (aka party prep), **we’ll kick off a distributed, global party.**

**Anyone interested in making cool things on the web is invited to join.** The Super Mentors and newly prepped Mentors will lead with fun, participatory events in their cities. They’ll help surface great stories, support one another and learners, and in general be excellent party hosts.

Similar to [our Summer Code Party last year](https://webmaker.org/en-US/events/about/summer_campaign/), **the Maker Party 2013 is a “big tent” campaign.** That means that many organizations and networks that share our vision will be joining in.

From exciting announcements at the **White House and 10 Downing Street**, to energizing events in places like **Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Nairobi, Mexico City, Jakarta and beyond,** there will be a lot going on!

The party runs from **June 15 – September 15.**

**If you’d like to partner in the campaign, host an event or just hack and party with us, [sign up here](https://sendto.mozilla.org/page/signup/join-the-maker-party-2013).**

# Celebrate: Bring it all together at the Mozilla Festival

Then to bring all the fun, learning and great people together, we’re hosting the **[annual Mozilla Festival](http://mozillafestival.org/) in London from October 25 – 27.**

As Mozilla’s largest public-facing event, this is the **perfect place to celebrate the community** and to plan together how we want to start next year.

This year, we want to put **a bigger focus on the growing Webmaker Mentor community.** That means Super Mentors and activated Mentors from the MOOC, the Maker Party and elsewhere are **encouraged to bring their best hacks, lesson plans, and ideas** to share and build upon it together.

We’re hoping that people help identify great activities and submit them in a few months with the call for sessions goes live.

**If you’d like to stay updated about the Mozilla Festival, [sign up here!](https://sendto.mozilla.org/page/s/mozfest2013-savedate)**

# Can’t wait!

It’s a really exciting time — and **all these pieces seem to be coming together.** A huge thanks to all the Super Mentors for the leadership to get us this far.

**If you have feedback or questions** about all of this, don’t hesitate to contact us!

You can use the **hashtag [#teachtheweb](http://michellethorne.cc/2013/03/teachtheweb/)** or **[jump into our G+ group](https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/106022863174952221205).**

**Let’s teach the web together!**

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