Dilemmas in Connected Spaces: Your Ideas for Mozfest!

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As our lives and physical environments become even more connected, we’re faced with dilemmas. How will I decide when and where my personal data can be used if it improves my daily life? Which of my everyday objects should be online? If my profession calls for me to make connected products or services, how can I advocate for ethical practices with user data?

This space will allow makers and learners to explore these dilemmas through a series of interactive experiences and mischievous interventions. Think connected and disconnected, public and private, privileged and disadvantaged, inclusive or exclusionary.

Participants might:

  • Arrive in a disorienting immigration queue like at an airport and make decisions about their identity and what they will declare.
  • Join a tour as seen through the eyes of dead scientists and poets.
  • Have a tea in a temporary camp and chat to nomadic algorithms.
  • Nap on a squishy chair sculpture that generates sleep data.
  • Cook a snack in a connected kitchen where appliances will only sometimes do as you say.
  • Hop on the gondola and learn magic tricks as you travel above the Thames.
  • Dig into oh-so-cool hardware to make and break the garage.
  • Stroll through a secret garden and see if you can make it out again…

We’re seeking fellow pranksters who want to create these kinds of memorable moments.

We’re less interested in sessions and more interested in experiences: dance-offs, exhibits, interactive comic books, newly invented sports, crazy sets and drama of all kinds.

In the Mozfest call for proposals, we invite you to describe how you would make these tales come to life, or share you suggestions for new ones. Submit your suggestions by August 1.

Many thanks to my fellow wranglers: Ian Forrester, Michael Saunby, George Roter, Dietrich Ayala and Jon Rogers!

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