Zephyr Berlin launching on Kickstarter

We’re making a pair of pants. The idea: look great and travel lightly with one pair of pants.

We’ve been testing the women’s and men’s styles for the last few months. It’s been loads of fun seeing it all come together, and we wanted to share that with you!

Our Kickstarter launches on September 14.


We are making two models of pants—one for women, one for men—that travel really well, are incredibly comfortable, and look great no matter where you go. The pants are ethically made and made to last.

We use sustainability-certified performance fabric that is water and dirt repellent, wrinkle-free and breathable. The pants are tailored in a classic European tradition in black that flatters many body types. They will be produced for fair wages in Berlin.

We’ve been obsessed with having pants like this, so we went ahead and made some!

Learn more at our website: zephyrberlin.com

IMG_8240_cleaned up

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A pants party in Berlin

To celebrate, we’re hosting a launch party on Wednesday, September 14 at our studio in Berlin Neukölln.

There will be pants to try on, conversations about minimalist fashion, and a chance to throw water on the fabric and watch it fly off!

The money raised from the early supporter discounted Kickstarter pre-sales will fund the production of 100 pairs of pants. Secure your pair when our campaign goes live on September 14. By pre-ordering on the Kickstarter page, you are giving us invaluable support to continue pushing forward on this project.

Thank you!

We really appreciate your support. If you like to stay up to date, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter over at zephyrberlin.com. If you know someone else who might like a pair, feel free to pass this along!


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