Zephyr Berlin: Successfully funded and shipped. What’s next?

We did it! Zephyr Berlin is fully funded via Kickstarter. We produced 100 pairs for our first edition batch and shipped them out all over the world.

It’s been such a joy hearing the feedback and seeing photos of people wearing their pair. I’ve particularly enjoyed learning about our backers’ hacks. The Zephyr Berlin pants were designed to be readily repaired and modified. And that’s happening!

You can order your pair online. We have a handful left, but be warned: many sizes are going quickly.

Below are some photos from the process. Production, shipping, hacks, and more. What do you think we should make next?

These were our first prototypes. You could draw on them.

Roadtesting the Zephyrs at the pyramids of Palenque.

They held up in the sun and dust quite well.

Shipping day!

Celebrating the successful campaign with a #pantsparty.

Taking the pants out to wander around London.

Wandering around Berlin in the rain and hail. At least our legs stayed dry!

Our first media interview. Here with Deutsche Welle

Some highlights from our social media campaigns.

Hurray! That was a lot of fun.

Grab a pair yourself!

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