Mozilla Festival: What We Made

Over the last month, we’ve been tracking the outputs from the Mozilla Festival.

A great number of thank-you’s are due all around to all the participants, facilitators, volunteers, staff, supporters, and the wonderful Ravensbourne for making this such a memorable event.

20 Prototypes

We’ve curated 20 prototypes that came out of Mozfest.

From 60 pages collaboratively written in the Data Journalism Handbook to monsters and trapdoors coded in a browser game; from 10-year-olds producing podcasts to a physical app store for community info; a charter for the School of Open charter to numerous paper prototypes; the Poptocopter, hackbattles, badges, and plugins for Popcorn…

There is just heaps of good stuff made by talented folks.

If we’ve missed anything, or if you have updates, please tweet ’em using #mozfest. Let’s keep up the momentum!

Thanks again to everyone. I’m all verklemmpt.

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