republica recap

A recap from republica:

Open Video

I hosted a workshop on Open Video and Popcorn.js together with Henrik Mitsch and Cole Gillespie. I gave a 15min intro to Popcorn, showed some demos, and then we broke into groups to discuss opportunities with open video (learning, tech, and storytelling).

Sam Figueroa kindly took notes from the session and the HTML slides are here.

The following week we organized a meet-up at Oberholz to help folks get started on their video projects and perhaps do a regular “open hack” and skillshare around these tools. The team at Leuphana Moving Image Lab has been central to helping get these efforts off the ground.

The next Berlin Popcorn meet-up is on June 6.

Connected Learning / Hive

Thanks to the generous invitation J├Âran in the re:learn track, I shared the work being done at Hive NYC, a city network of “learning sites” where you can learn skills and make things with participating organizations.

It focuses on connected learning, experiences which are hands-on, effective, networked and driven by youth’s interests. Slides.

There’s a lot of potential to build a network like this in Berlin.

We’re hosting a community brainstorm on May 16 at Oberholz to survey what learning initiatives are out there, what we’d like to see in Berlin, and test whether we’d like to try something together.

If you’re an educator, a geek, a lover of learning: stop by!

Iron Blogger

Iron Blogger Berlin cashed in over 200EUR of blogging debt at the re:fill bar. (I sadly added much to that pile.)

It was fun to see fellow bloggers and even recruit a few new ones (hi, Anja and Torsten!). A big thanks to Nicole for stoking the blogging fires and getting us all together.

Thanks, #rp12!

Huge props to the #rp12 team for pulling together an impressive conference. With 4,000 people, a new but fitting venue, and all in all good fun, it was a wonderful experience and definitely the best place to meet up with ze German internets.

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